What will the laser therapy be like?

You will be asked to attend your radiotherapy session about an hour earlier so that there is enough time to have your laser therapy. You only need to do this for three of your radiotherapy sessions each week:

A member of the LiTEFORM team will greet you.

  1. They will take you to the LiTEFORM treatment room.
  2. You will be asked to open your mouth as though you are at the dentist. A small probe will be put in your mouth but it does not need to touch your skin. It will aim at up to six areas in your mouth, including your lips.
  3. The session will take about 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. After the session is finished, you will be taken to wait for your radiotherapy.

 What does the laser feel like?

  • You will hear a beeping noise when the machine is switched on
  • You might have a warm feeling in your mouth
  • You might feel a little bit sick or dizzy afterwards but this is very rare
  • You might feel tingling in your mouth
  • You will be asked to wear specially made glasses which will have red lights in them. These are to keep your eyes safe and make sure you cannot see if you are getting the active or sham laser therapy. You must wear them for the entire time the laser therapy machine is switched on.
  • The person giving you the therapy will be also wearing glasses.

Flowchart of Study Process